Polish Princess Guest House
Once you are here there are many things to do, see how you can make your vacation memorable.
Nearby attractions: rafting on the Rio Grande, World Famous Blue Lagoon, Clubs &
Shopping, San San Golf and Country Club.

* Beach Combing                                        *  Mountain Climbing
* Surfing (Boston Beach - 2 miles)           * Hiking
* River Rafting                                              * Snorkeling
* Golfing                                                         * Restaurants
* Deep Sea Fishing                                     * Reefs & Marina                    
Winnifred Beach
Nestled on the eastern tip of Jamaica, lies a beautiful slice of tropical
heaven, a place called Winnifred Beach.
This stretch of white sand beach and blue crystal clear ocean water is
famous the world over for its vibrant sunsets that seem to melt right into
the Caribbean Sea.
Winnifred's blue waters are surrounded by reefs and, being free of rocks
and dangerous currents or undertows, is perfect for swimming and
snorkeling in the warm waters of the Caribbean.
Rafting on Rio Grande
The favourite for most visitors to Port Antonio,
bamboo rafting is both romantic and fun. Scan the
crystal clear waters as the skilled Rafter guides you
down the river. Take the camera along as the
greenery is sitting, waiting to be captured. The
minibus will be at river's end and when you dock up.
Frenchman's Cove
Frenchman's Cove is a favorite spot for movie producers
looking for romantic beauty in a tropical atmosphere.
You've probably seen Frenchman's Cove in "Club
Paradise" with Robin Williams, "Treasure Island" with
Charlton Heston, and "The Mighty Quinn" with Denzel
Blue Lagoon
Divers from all over the world come to Blue Lagoon to
experience the annual world diving competition - incredible
reef diving that is available only minutes from our Guest
House. It is not uncommon to see Manta Rays, Sea Turtles and
Eels, along with an incredible variety of reef fish and other life.
Sommerset Falls
Breathtaking, incredible and beautiful, the cascading waters of the
Sommerset Falls are located near the beginning of the "Bamboo
Highway". These amazing falls rest on a privately owned and fully
operational Jamaican farm. Once your road trip comes to an end,
the falls are reached by first taking a quick tractor tram ride and
then an easy hike on a pathway that runs beside the falls. Feel free
to try out one of the few rope swings scattered along the way. You
will feel like Tarzan as you swing and then drop into the refreshing
waters below. Once at the top, you can swim beneath the pool's
surface to find hidden underwater caves that open up inside the
Boston Beach
Boston Beach is a coastal community on the north
shore of Jamaica. It's about 9 miles east of Port well
known for its Jerk Chicken and Pork Stands, and could
be considered as the birth place of the spicy jerk
seasoning for which Portland Jamaica is well known.